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Newsletter - Christmas 2018

Dear Music Makers and friends, 

As we approach the start of a new year, we can take some satisfaction from memories of an eventful 2018. Highlights included special concerts, one in March given by  Oliver Nelson and Vasilas Rakitzis, and in November, a complete performance of Wintereisse by Emily Robinson and Alex Phillips-Yates. Our February concert celebrated the 30th Anniversary of Lancaster Music Makers.  In October, pianists from Music Makers gave a recital at the Ashton Hall to raise funds toward restoration of their 19th Century Steinway grand piano. On a sad note, 2018 saw the passing of our President, Peter Croser (pictured left with Oliver Nelson and Rosemary Brown), after a long illness. Our Music Makers' concert on October 19th was dedicated to his memory. Finally, the October edition of Lancaster Life magazine featured an article about Lancaster Music Makers written by Chris Meredith.

The dates for our Spring concerts are now set as follows:

First Music Makers Concert - Friday 22nd February at 7.45pm
As usual the program for these concerts will be posted a few weeks before the events.     

Second Music Makers Concert - Friday 5th April at 7.45pm
Also, for the third year in succession, we have another
Lakeland composers group concert - Friday March 1st at 7.30pm
A concert of new compositions written and performed by local composers.

We hope to see you at these events!

                 Happy New Year and Happy music-making,
                                                                    Yours sincerely,

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